i’m not interested in being easy on the eyes
i want them to flinch, think twice before they reach out their callous hands to bruise.
i want to be a constant reminder to men that not everything is theirs for the taking.

fabiola - for girls who aren’t interested in being easy on the eyes (via roserosetyler)
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i needed a break and just wanted to draw something quick and fun and because i’ve been marathoning sailor moon in the background at work for the past two weeks i decided to do Let’s Draw Sherlock and draw them as cute girls with cute outfitsss

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Matthew Gray Gubler ALS Ice bucket challenge (x).

About this challenge-  About ALS - Just get involved, go to www.alsa.org

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In the club sorta like woah

(Accidentally deleted this I think??)

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Mathew Gray Gubler wins the sexy man award.

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Endless List of Flawless People

Matthew Gray Gubler

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Three tasty mice, how sweet and nice you will slither down my mouth. These morsels of delight made of chocolate-covered cherries are approved by Mr. Jinks.

"I love those meeces to pieces!"

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DIY Easy Chocolate Cherry Mice Recipe and Tutorial from Happy Hour Projects here. Beyond easy. Posting because this is better than giving my mom a cheap box of chocolate cherries like I do every year. I’m wondering if you can use the cheap candy melt chips from Wilton.

EDIT: Adrianne wrote:

I have now done these with Wilton melts and Candiquik, and while both are workable, I’d recommend the Candiquik. Wilton melts don’t get quite as liquid, and it’s harder to get the cherry smoothly coated, although you do get less of a puddle around the cherry on the waxed paper for the same reason, and also it’s not quite the same color as Hershey’s Kisses — the regular cocoa flavor is lighter, and the dark is darker, whereas Candiquik chocolate flavor matches very nicely. Candiquik just gives you a prettier result all around, I think, so it’s worth getting it, unless you’re just trying to use up some Wilton’s that you’ve already got on hand.

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